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Experience the Atmosphere

Socialē by Villa Rosa is all about community. It is about gathering with friends to enjoy a glass of fine wine. It is about going for an afternoon cup of coffee with a longtime friend. It is about grabbing a beverage and a bite, and sitting on the patio while enjoying Okanagan Lake views under the hot summer sun. Socialē is about being communal. It’s about being comfortable. It’s about being together. We’ll see you soon.


Socialē is what was missing on the Penticton lakefront. You can grab whatever you are craving at Socialē and then enjoy it on the licensed beach that is only steps away. Socialē’s patio, which faces the lake, features a long, communal bar table, adding to the social atmosphere. If you do not feel like chatting, feel free to simply sit there while enjoying a beverage of your choice and soaking up the sights and sounds.

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Get Social

You will feel the love at Socialē, which gives off a sense of warmth like you might feel at home. People come to Socialē to gather, to be one and to connect with others. Not much brings people closer together than food and drink, and the best of both of those is found at Socialē.

Italian. Pure. Simple

Do not forget about the food. Our delectable yet simple Italian dishes will leave your mouth watering until the dish arrives at your table.

Our Menu


Whether you’re here to eat or drink or both, we’ve got something for everyone.
Click below to view our full Food and Drink Menus.

warm marinated olives - 13.00

Rosemary, garlic, chili, citrus

Burrata di parma - 27.00

Figs, Italian Proscuitto, endive, Castelvetrano olives, toasted pistachio, crostinis

Beef Cheek Gnocchi - 28.00

Beef cheeks, potato gnocchi, grana padano, villa rosa tomato sauce

Tiramisu - 10.00


limoncello spritz (2 oz) - 15.00

Refreshment in a glass!

negroni sociale (2 oz) - 16.00

Our own take on the Negroni, with Noteworthy Gin.

ciao bella (2 oz) - 15.00

With authentic Italian Malfy grapefruit gin.

sociale espresso martini (2 oz) - 16.00

With espresso from the Okanagan small-batch coffee roasters, Lone Tree Coffee.

Gotta Eat but don't want to leave the house?


Gerry Peters
Gerry Peters
The menu is creative with lots to choose from. The dishes were beautiful in their presentation and delicious. My only complaint is that the Caesar salad states it comes with pork belly. Perhaps the menu should be adjusted to state comes with the tiniest pieces of pork belly available? Or why not just say bacon bits. The atmosphere was nice but the massive television sets seem to be an unnecessary distraction.
Aidan R
Aidan R
Incredible Italian dishes served tapas style, order as you go. Beautiful restaurant with attendant servers and excellent chefs. If you're a local, definitely check them out before they're slammed in the summer (because with food this good, they will be). We had a fantastic time, and our server was amazing! My only complaint is the bar service. I don't know if they're understaffed or their bartender left midway through the evening, but the servers were doubling as bartenders and you could tell they were not trained for it. Just like how I'm not merely paying for the ingredients of my meal at a restaurant of this quality, but for the skill, training, and craft of the chef, cooks and servers, I'm not merely paying for the ingredients of a cocktail. Your chefs are professionals, your bartenders should be too. It's a shame too because they have a nice liquor selection with lots of nice gins, whisky and liqueurs. They even make their own peperoncini vodka by infusing some behind the bar. In the end, the less than stellar drinks spoiled the memory of the incredible food. And, that's a real shame because otherwise everything was amazing.
Debbie Vance
Debbie Vance
Absolutely fantastic! Excellent menu and service. Steve went above and beyond ensuring we had an amazing experience! We will be back!
Amelia Boultbee
Amelia Boultbee
I love this place. Amazing food and amazing service.
Sarah Tucker
Sarah Tucker
Tyler and staff are the best at what they do. Delicious food. Even better drinks!!!! Just kidding. They’re both phenomenal. Love this place so much.
Tara Ferguson
Tara Ferguson
Wonderful staff to work with and great menu items. Highly recommend you go and visit!!
Cynthia Watley
Cynthia Watley
New favourite place! Delicious cocktails and food, and beautiful decor and stylistic choices. Our server was extremely welcoming and attentive. I will definitely be back.

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